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We specialize in:
> Temporary
> Temp to Hire
> On-Site Partnership
> Peak Season/Project Based
> Direct-hire Placement

Skills and Industries We Serve:
> Administrative
> Industrial
> Contact Centers
> Financial
> Technical
> Professional Staffing

Above & Beyond

Legacy Staffing Group is committed to providing you a level of service you will not find anywhere else. You know your business. We know staffing. Let us make the RIGHT plan to meet your needs.

VOLUME and FLEXIBLE staffing options. Whether you need a staff of 1, 100, or 1000 people a day. Relax. We’ve got you covered.

  • Large Volume
  • Fluctuating Volume
  • Peak Season
  • Project Staffing

We have experience in large volume partnership, peak season, project based accounts that still meet all of your staffing requirements and productivity! Your Legacy Staffing Account Manager can discuss with you examples of how we successfully make, manage, and execute staffing plans of all sizes and complexities.

Contact Us to hear how we can help you manage, expand ,or turnaround a staffing situation.

Time Tracking and Reporting
We track and compile the information and data to better service your account.
We don’t just want to do a great job….we want to prove it. We have capabilities to track job openings / fill rates/ turnover rates/ retention rates and can customize the information you or your own internal reporting system may require.

Our tracking system provides you with valuable data to better manage your productivity process.

At Legacy Staffing, We provide real time capture of time on duty.

  • On duty report of “Clock-in and Out “ for basic hour/payroll data
  • Hours by department
  • Hours by job code
  • Hours by project

We capture time and attendance information upon arrival and completion of each shift.

We immediately are made aware of an absence or tardy and can respond quickly.

Our clients can gage costs/hours data at your finger tips to allow you to assess productivity rates and true costs as your production runs and grows.

Legacy offers a wide variety of business reports that are available to online 24/7. Reports can be formatted in Word, Adobe, .rtf and Excel and you can select the date ranges from pre-defined values, i.e., year-to-date, monthly, current/previous etc…, or you can set your date parameters as needed
We provide you the information you need on our personnel, so that your process runs efficiently!